Wooden Poles

Utility Poles, also known as transmission poles, support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as cable, fibre optic cable, and related equipment such as transformers and street lights.

It can be referred to as a transmission pole, telephone pole, telecommunication pole, power pole, hydro pole, telegraph pole, or telegraph post, depending on its application. Rousant International specializes in the supply of large scale orders and export of utility poles throughout Africa.

All timber utility poles need to be treated using a creosote or CCA process in order for them to be protected from pest, insect and fungi infestations. Timber that is in contact with the ground such as the utility pole itself, will need to be H4 treated, while the cross arms will require a H3 treatment. The lesser treatment is due to there being no ground contact.

Rousant International can also customise any large utility pole orders to include the following:

  • Gang-Nail
  • Drilling
  • Pole Caps
  • Wire Binding or Strapping
  • Labelling
  • Colour Coding
  • Peeling

Pole Types Available:



  • Creosote
  • CCA