• Sourcing global manufacturers with factories and products that comply to Internationally recognised Standards such as ISO9001;
  • Sourcing of products of a highest quality at reasonable prices;
  • Ability to provide a wide range of industrial electrical products.


  • Ensure that the production time of the products coincides with the contract time frame;
  • We do not represent specific manufacturers allowing us to source the best solution for each individual client requirement;
  • Factory testing and external testing of products using world class laboratories such as KEMA

Contract Management

  • Ensure that the project runs according to the contract parameters
  • Monitoring of deliveries to the customer
  • Managing the invoicing

Packaging & Logistics

  • Ensure correct packaging methods (according to world standards) are used to protect products;
  • Direct control of shipping lines and road haulers using our in-house logistics department


As part of our dedication to improved efficiencies and continued excellence, we offer our clients training on the installation and maintenance of any of the products we supply, or any of the components of turnkey installations we install and commission. In this way, we aim to ensure that the products we supply are utilised to their full potential by the users and remain in service for as long as possible

The training we offer can be done at the factory (to a select group of technical personnel nominated by the client), during the Factory Acceptance Testing of equipment before delivery. However, we prefer to have an engineer from our factory travel to the final destination of the equipment, on completion of delivery, in order to address a larger group of technical personnel.

Through the training programs we offer, we aim to ensure that the technology and skills are transferred to our clients' personnel who are responsible to support the supplied products after delivery.

Successful training has been completed on a number of topics, such as:

  • ABC cable and accessories
  • Sub-station maintenance
  • Outdoor switchgear
  • Fault finding


  • Immense financial experience and expertise. Smooth processing of all lines of deferred payments such as Letters of Credit, Standby Guarantees, Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds.